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Update From The Rabbi
X-military men are nothing new to politics for either Republicans or Democrats. GeorgeW.Bush(R), Sen. John Kerry (D), Sen. John McCain (R)…all of these have previous military careers. McCain was a POW for 5 years... can you get any more patriotic then that? What we fail to see is that men can change... especially ones who aren't Saved and haven't made Yeshua Lord of their lives. I believe that George W. is still Saved although he often walks a thin line (he prays in Islamic mosques in a show of solidarity and negatively interferes with Israel far too much) but the others are just like every other sinner and are open to the Devils wishes. We first have to ground ourselves and realize what G-d's plans are and who His enemies are. Once we see that, then we can decide what this Christian country's role is in the world. So what is G-d's desire? He desires us to love one another. Does that mean we are to turn the other cheek to people who want to kill us? No! Loving one another is wishing the highest good for all. The highest good for all is that the world will come to Yeshua Jesus. For He sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved (John 3:17). The biggest enemy to that ideal right now is Islam. Islam teaches that the infidels (That's anyone who is not a Moslem) should convert or be killed. G-d wants the destruction of Islam. God’s will for America is to be the tool to make that happen.

This country was based on what people, including most Christians, would call "Christian Extremism". If you didn't believe in Jehovah G-d you were not even allowed to testify in court because your word meant nothing. Freedom of religion had a very narrow meaning, in other words you were free to be a different denomination, but that's about it. You weren’t free to be a Satanist, you'd be taken out and killed if you were found out. You weren't free to be a homosexual. If you were found out... you'd be killed. So when you hear liberals trying to tell you about the Founding Fathers, don’t listen to them because they don't have a clue what the Founding Fathers were really like (some do know and are trying to deceive everyone else they can). If the Founding Fathers of this country came back today, many Christians would think they were far too harsh and extreme. the fact is that they were right. Separation of Church and State didn't mean that G-d wasn't a part of politics. It meant that there was enough common ground between the denominations that it didn't have to be ruled by only one Church. To think that G-d be taken out of politics would be considered heresy by the Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers also believed that anyone who agreed with or supported the enemy of the country should be shot. And they were/are right. Now that we understand that, we can get the proper perspective concerning what our country should be doing and thereby establish what US patriotism really is. As a Christian country we should be carrying out G-d's will. His will, as I said before, is to stamp out Islam. What we are doing with the war on terrorism is the first steps toward that goal. I'm not saying that GW Bush wants to stamp out Islam (because he doesn't) but at least we are in the firststeps of it regardless of his own ideas and goals. So if someone feels that we should encourage the Moslems to attack us, they would be a traitor. If they think we should take it easy on those who want to kill us... they are traitors. If they feel or say that the war on Iraq was wrong or foolish... they are traitors. Wes Clark believes these things and more- and has said so with his own mouth. At this time of war, one should be careful of ANY criticism of this Administration as it is carrying out G-d's will concerning Islam. Is it doing everything it should? No it's not but it's in the first steps. It's the same way we should view new Believers. When they first get Saved we don’t expect them to become perfect overnight but to take their first steps towards righteousness. This Administration is in its first steps. Can it make mistakes? Absolutely it can, but the last thing we need is our elders to jump down it's throat. Our military generals and veterans are those elders.

I too served in the US Army and the best thing I can do is pray for our leader and support him. It isn’t support by saying he's a fool or a "miserable failure" as one candidate recently said. These men should be silenced and they would've been by our Founding Fathers. I know it sounds harsh to our 21rst century ears, but truth cannot be dated just as God can’t be dated. The founders of this country had a keen awareness to that fact. I get tired of these Generals like Gen. Schwarzkopf  criticizing the President and getting on television as Monday morning quarterbacks trying to tell us what should be done. Gen. Schwarzkopf knows many men used to look up to him, and for him to use that to cast doubt on our men in the field is reprehensible. He has said himself that he doesn't know the intelligence surrounding Gulf War Two but he then goes on to take pot shots at George Bush. The fact is he DOESNT know what's going on behind the scenes and should then only look at the positive aspects of this country’s leadership. In other words if he can’t say something good... keep his mouth shut.

Same goes for any other veteran including Clark. Only a very few in leadership know everything that is to be known concerning Afghanistan and Iraq and that’s how it should be. Geraldo Rivera should be disciplined for giving away positions and tried for treason. John Walker, called the “Taliban boy” (even though he was an adult in every respect), should be drained for information then hung... just as the Founding Fathers would have done to him. That would be patriotic! Hollywood should be closed down and Johnny Depp should not be allowed back into the country on pain of death (same goes for the Dixie Chicks. France should not be allowed to sell anything in the US or to its allies... any ally breaking this should be put on short notice. We as good Americans shouldn't buy one thing made in France or China either (see my boycott France list on this site). Germany should watch carefully and walk quietly or the same should befall them. We need to understand what friendship is because we have blurred its true meaning. Many Americans think we should be political with France, as we somehow need them. Let memake it clear, a bad friend is no friend at all and in the long run that friendship will never help you.

Again, this is a Christian Nation and although we have many sins that we have given into in this country that doesn't mean we should give in to more. Betraying a Christian Nation to Islamic countries is indeed a sin as it goes against G-d’s Law. Don’t be a party to that.If you have well founded disagreement with the President, keep it betweenyou and other Believers who have an understanding that you are truly behind his war policies. You don’t need to go telling everyone. If you want to be an activist (and I consider myself to be an activist) keep it positive concerning our president and negative concerning our enemy.
It’s that simple.

G-d bless you,

Rabbi Stanley
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